The smart all-in-one on-board computer for the eBike.
For Bosch Performance Line CX, Performance Line and Active Line.

The features

More possibilities. More biking fun.


12.7 km driven and the battery’s still nearly full. When eBiking with Nyon, you always have a clear view of all the relevant data.


In 50 meters, turn left: Nyon reliably guides you to your destination – with 2D or 3D map view.


560 kilocalories burned. Nyon is your personal fitness trainer – and can even display your monitored heart rate.


You have a new message! Via Bluetooth, Nyon notifies you of text messages received on your smartphone.

Nyon knows what you want to know.

More convenience

A wide array of features, intuitive operation and a brilliant 4.3-inch color display: The Nyon sets new standards in functionality and user-friendliness.

More safety

The separate handlebar-mounted operation unit ensures that your hands stay where they belong – for safer and more enjoyable eBiking.

More flexibility

Nyon impeccably adapts to your personal needs by providing numerous standard and optional add-on functions.

There is more to Nyon than meets the eye: New features

Topo Range

Range indicator on your Nyon based on riding behavior and topography (premium feature).

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New dashboard

The most important riding data at a glance.

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eShift integration

The integrated electronic gear shifting solution is now also supported by Nyon.

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Shift recommendation

The system detects when the rider is traveling in the optimal efficiency range and recommends shifting up or down.

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Nyon. Connect Your Way. Welcome to the linked up world of eBike!

Nyon is the world's first onboard computer for the eBike, combining all functions in one device. From providing current speed, cadence or range data to navigating by GPS or analyzing your personal fitness, Nyon keeps you optimally informed throughout every drive with a wide array of innovative features.

Access to the world of the Bosch eBike opens up completely new possibilities for your electric mobility. The eBike Connect smartphone app allows you to customize Nyon to your personal needs via Bluetooth. And at the "ebike-connect.com" web portal, you can plan your tours and fitness activities – and assess the results in detail.

More convenience, more safety, more flexibility: Experience the future of eBiking – with Nyon!

The eBike’s clever assistant.


Looks great – and lets you see even better.

Combining contemporary design with the latest technologies, the 4.3-inch transreflective color display is optimally readable in any lighting conditions. Nyon’s rugged, waterproof design makes it a reliable companion – rain or shine.

"eBike Connect" smartphone app

Connect Nyon with your smartphone – using the convenient Bosch App “eBike Connect,” you can use Bluetooth to enter your tour destinations directly on the map, for example. Current updates make your eBike Wizard even more versatile – Worldwide Routing is included starting with model year 2016.

"ebike-connect.com" – the web portal

On Bosch’s web portal at "ebike-connect.com", you can plan your next eBike trip, upload your own tours and assess your training results – clearly and conveniently on your PC. You can transfer your personal data directly to your Nyon via Bluetooth or a Wi-Fi connection.

Intelligently linked

Conveniently networking Nyon with your smartphone and the "ebike-connect.com" web portal opens entirely new possibilities for personalizing your eBiking experience. Whether at home or on the road, the innovative technology provides you with all the info whenever you need it – to make your eBiking even more fun!

In-your-face eBiking fun.

Nyon goes wherever you go – on-road or off-road.